Sustainability Urban Development


Port Douglas, Australia


How to move from nonrenewable tourism to Sustainable and circular Tourism in Port Douglas.

Assignments related to Port Douglas


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  • Where to recycle in Port Douglas
    Batteries Woolworths supermarkets Mossman. They are rolling out battery and mobile phone collection points in their stores throughout 2021. Location Source and more information at Recycling Near you Australia. Something to read about batteries. National Geographic…Más
  • Up and down.
    People came from elsewhere in Australia, incentivised with attractive sums of money to start a life in the far tropical north. When they arrived, they found a pretty town that few knew. For some people,…Más
  • Port Douglas urbanisation and vegetation from 1900’s to Today
    Introduction. A brief history of Port Douglas. Port Douglas’s discovery came about from the need for a convenient port to tranship goods for inland goldfields. The town was founded in 1877. The newspaper in 1877 mentioned: “The…Más
  • Green living infrastructure in unoccupied spaces in Port Douglas
    In Port Douglas town, there are several unoccupied spaces. They are between houses and shops. These empty spaces could be occupied in shared areas of housing for village workers, with temporary structures such as containers,…Más
  • Natural resources on my personal environment
    I want to talk about the excess of food and various products bought by tourists. Families buy food and utensils to enjoy their vacation in the resort town of Port Douglas. The problem is that,…Más
  • Challenges to be prior in Port Douglas for the next ten years
    Transportation (formal public transportation, connected, accessible),  Housing (affordable prices, supply),  Clean reef (real compromise, more tourists, more responsibility),  Clean mangroves (more tourist, more responsibility),  Clean river (water access, pesticides control),  Clean streets (smart city, car…Más
  • Insights related to impacts of changes in the urban area of Concepción, Chile.
    Concepción is a city and commune in central Chile and the geographic and demographic nucleus of the metropolitan area of ​​”Greater Concepción”. The city’s business is focused on commerce, especially with its four ports, industrialization…Más
  • Pasaron de ser cultos a ignorantes.
    Esto lo escribo en español porque es como secreto. Soy cupuchenta con los libros que lee la gente. Trabajo como housekeeping en departamentos de lujo en un pueblo turístico de Australia. Y cuando hay guest…Más